App Of The Day: Woodpost by Fuzel – Making Your Photos Last

Woodpost by Fuzel - Print your photos on woodFreeSharing your photos has become so commoditized that it has become quite impersonal whether you’re posting to Instagram, dumping photos on your Facebook page, or showing pictures on your iPhone screen. There are so many ways to share digital photos to various screens, and it’s great to have that connectivity and simplicity in photo sharing. On the flip side, some photos have more meaning, and deserve to be remembered longer than as a blip in the stream of photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Woodpost by Fuzel is an all new way to share your photos that will leave a lasting, and memorable impression.
Woodpost by Fuzel lets you print your photos on wood, and have them sent anywhere in the world. You essentially get to create a postcard with your photo, but instead of simple paper, there’s a finely printed piece of wood. The app includes four main categories of templates for simple, family, love, and travel with about a dozen templates each that can be sent as square, portrait, or landscape creations. There’s a smooth interface that shows a scrolling list of thumbnails to see how your photo looks in each template. Once you pick, the app lets you type out a message on the back of the card, and then choose a recipient. Each creation does cost $7.99, which is obviously more than a postcard, but a whole lot more goes into a wood post letter. With Woodpost you get to use your own photos that are then printed on wood that can be sent anywhere, and each Woodpost includes a stand and magnet for placement by the recipient.

Woodpost by Fuzel (Free, Universal) lets your shared photos withstand the test of time in an all new way.

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