App Of The Day: Wooly Willy – Drag Magnetic Shavings On To Willy And Your Own Pictures

Wooly Willy is the classic toy where you drag magnetic shavings on to a bald guy’s face using a little magnetic pen. The toy went hand and hand with Etch-A-Sketch way back when, and now there is an iOS version of Wooly Willy. The app is fun and silly allowing you to draw the magnetic shavings with your finger via an extremely precise interface. Soon you’ll have a wacky looking Willy that will definitely make you and anyone you show it to laugh.

You can also add the shavings to Hairdo Harriet, and it can be quite amusing to make the bearded lady among other things. The best part is that you can add any photos from your photo library to draw the magnetic shavings on. Now you can add all kinds of facial hair and hair-dos to yourself, your friends, and your pets.

The app is definitely enjoyable, but could use some refinements. There is only one brush stroke, and you finger will start to hurt as you draw on Wooly Willy, trying to make the shavings thick. It’s great for fine details, but an option for a more opaque brush would be make it more enjoyable. Also you can only shake to remove all the shavings, but a small eraser would be helpful for fine touch-ups.

I can’t speak to the iTunes users reviews who have complained of crashing, because it hasn’t happened to me on an iPad 2 or 4th generation iPod Touch. Wooly Willy is a fun little distraction that is universal for all iOS devices, and a nice buy for $0.99.

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