App Of The Day: Word Wall – Associated With Enjoyment

Word Wall - The most challenging and fun word association gameWord games seem to always offer a fun little distraction that actually tests your mind as compared to more monotonous button tapping games. Word to Word by MochiBits is a word game all about word associations which could be synonyms, antonyms, compound, or simply related in anyway. The twist in Word to Word is that you’re given two columns of words, and you need to match all eight words in each column. Some words can have multiple matches, and you try to find a unique match for every word included.

Word to Word (Free, Universal) features 40 levels for free, and you can unlock 400 additional levels for $2.99. MochiBits makes plenty of other word games, and one of their latest editions is Word Wall, which expands the basics of Word to Word for a much more complex word association games. The main difference in Word Wall, is that instead of two columns, you’re given a grid of words so that any, and all of the words can match, rather than two distinct columns of matches. If that wasn’t enough, time limits are also introduced for a three star scoring system to add to the challenge as you match words with every one on screen being a potential possibility.

Word Wall (Free, Universal) features the same puzzle set-up with 40 free puzzles, with additional purchasable level packs. When you think word games, you should think MochiBits, and vice versa.

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