App Of The Day: Vjay’s Powerful Video Mixing Comes To iPhone

vjay for iPhoneVjay is one of the most powerful apps for iPad as it lets you mix videos in real time. It comes from the makers of djay, but instead of mixing audio tracks, you’re mixing videos. Despite all of the power at your fingertips, it’s still effortless to use, and is perfectly made for touch. You can add in camera roll footage, music videos, or built-in animations, and your two selected videos are on either side of the screen. The iPhone version works in portrait or landscape mode with the main dial at the center to switch the final product between the two videos.

There are multiple transitions to enhance the overall video while you’re flipping through the individual files. It’s as simple as can be to create a professional looking video mash-up, and the transitions and effects truly round out the package. There’s also the ability to perform real-time VideoSracth, like record scratching in djay. Everything you do is performed in real time, and it’s simply fun to create the professional looking video mash-ups. The iPhone version delivers the same feature set as on the iPad, but with an interface optimized for the smaller device.

Vjay ($0.99, iPhone) is a stand out on iOS that balances user friendly nature with professional results like no other app around. The iPhone version is limited to iPhone 5, 4S, and iPod touch 5th gen, like the universal update to Bastion. The iPad version ($9.99 -> $4.99) [Review] was also updated with a number of new features and improvements, and is half off in honor of the iPhone version. As a reminder, djay is also on sale for free for a limited time.

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