The Best Apps To Celebrate Independence Day

It’s the 4th of July, and that means one thing in the United States. It’s time to celebrate our Independence, and there are some great apps to do just that. Whether it’s fireworks, barbecues, or learning about American History, there are apps for you.

american_presidents_ipadAmerican Presidents for iPad ($4.99, iPad) [Review]: An exquisite app to help you explore each and every president as well as noteworthy events. The app really offers up a whole new way to explore the presidents, and over the past 222 years, there has never been a better way to learn about presidents. American Presidents for iPad is a should buy for $4 that is one of the best reference and educational apps available.

Declaration for iPadDeclaration for iPhone and iPod Touch (Free): What better way to recognize Independence day then to actually read the Declaration of Independence penned by Thomas Jefferson. The app comes with historical notes, and bios of each signer.
Declaration for iPad (Free): The iPad version.
Constitution for iPhone and iPod Touch (Free): Another great piece of American history, though not directly tied to Independence day like the declaration.
Constitution for iPad (Free): The iPad version.

Musical Fireworks 2Musical Fireworks 2 (Free, Universal): A Fireworks app that offers the best simulated fireworks on iOS. The app lets you create your own fireworks show tapping to the beat of the included songs, or ones from your own music library. It’s a visual spectacle with ten different types of fireworks that flow so smoothly at great numbers. You can also hook this up to a TV/projector for a grand scale fireworks show.

civilwarThe Civil War Today ($2.99, iPad) [Review]: The app will give you a whole new understanding of what occurred in the deadliest war in American History, as you can follow it blow by blow. There’s not one section in the app that you won’t want to learn more about each and every day. From the first time you read the daily paper, you’ll be hooked. The app counts as news, because you’re given four years worth of Civil War news, presented on a daily basis. The Civil War Today is one of the best pieces of software ever constructed on any platform. The app is simply extraordinary with an exceptional concept that is executed as well as can be.

Weber’s On the Grill™Weber’s On the Grill ($4.99, iPhone): Having a barbecue on 4th of July just sounds like a great thing to do. Make sure you’re making something good, with this app that provides great recipes and even video cooking tutorials.
Weber’s On the Grill for iPad ($4.99, iPad): The iPad version.

WWII_interactiveWorld War II Interactive ($4.99, iPad) [Review]: There is an outstanding interface making it very easy to move through the plethora of information. Everything on screen is so touchable with various horizontal and vertical sliders to go through the events, timelines, detailed text, and photos. The app design is superb, and yet all of the information and multimedia included is even better. This app is one of the best reference pieces in the App Store. World War II Interactive is a should buy for the price that is a great resource for everything World War II, which takes full advantage of the iPad.

U.S.AU.S.A. (iPhone, Free): Overlay red, white, and blue on your face to make it look like you got face paint. The app provides a very realistic look, and you get the American flag on your face without the mess.

disney_american_presidentsDisney American Presidents ($3.99, iPad) [Review]: There have been 223 years of American Presidents, and 44 during that period of time. Disney American Presidents provides a great journey depicting each president from George Washington to Barack Obama, and everyone in between. It’s an educational app that really focuses on getting kids to actually learn about presidents with memorable videos and graphics included. You’re given a digital Oval Office scrapbook that provides a page filled with basic information, interactive pieces, and a three to four minute video on the president’s background and term.

ibomber_attackiBomber Attack (Free, Universal) [Review]: You get to pilot a tank rolling around 24 expansive WWII themed levels destroying everything in sight. It’s a bit like a dual stick shooter, but with so much power at your finger tips as you blast away soldiers, gunners, other tanks, and bunkers. The gameplay is the ultimate highlight with such intense action as you face multiple enemies at once coming at you from 360 degrees. All of the destruction is beautifully detailed as well.

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