The Best Black Friday Apps To Score Every Bargain

Black Friday will be here soon, and it’s the busiest shopping day of the year where almost every retailer offers up all kinds of sales. If you’re looking to score huge savings or the perfect gifts at discount, your iOS device can help. There are a number of Black Friday apps out there, but you really only have time for one to plan with and use Thursday night into Friday morning. Sales start even earlier this year with many major retailers opening at 10 PM Thanksgiving night. The App Store is holding it’s own Black Friday sales too.

We have scoured the App Store to find the very best Black Friday apps to let you find all the sales now, and be prepared for your shopping extravaganza. The apps also keep you updated on the latest up to the minute sales while you’re rushing around late Thursday early Friday. The Black Friday apps all present the same base material, but it’s the little things that set them apart, and without further ado we present the very best Black Friday apps.

Black Friday AdsBlack Friday Ads (Free, Universal): This is our choice for the best Black Friday app for 2011. It provides lists of every item on sale, and you can sort by stores or product categories. You can save items as your favorites, and view the staff picks as well as up to the minute bargains. The best feature is the ability to view the actual ad scans right in the app, with many other apps not including them or only providing a web view. There are also item thumbnails in each sortable list, and full product details when tapping on any individual item. You can then see if the sale is live online right now or in-store only, can save the item, and view where the item is in the ad scans.

Black Friday AppBlack Friday App (Free, iPhone): The app is the second best one available as gives you every single ad sortable by store or product category. You get the familiar lists with product thumbnails, and once you click on an item you get to see the details of the sale. You can view the item online, but the scans aren’t included which is disappointing. It’s neat that once you’re in single item view you can swipe to switch between items. There’s also the ability to see current deals, search for specific deals, and save items to your list. Black Black Friday (Fee, iPhone): is the best Black Friday resource on the web, and there are app is high quality too. You get the great news from the site as well as full lists of every store with sales. Each store is split up based on category, and you get to view thumbnails on each list of items. There are no details when you get to the individual item pages, and you’re only taken to a web view if you want more details.

These three apps stand above the rest for Black Friday with Black Friday Ads offering the total package. Every Black Friday app has all the sales and a save to list feature, but the ad scans, product details, and current sales are what these other apps lack.

Best Black Friday DealsBest Black Friday Deals (Free, iPhone): There’s too much going on without it being simple and straightforward. The ad scans aren’t included though there’s a high quality design overall. You can find everything with this app, but it’s not the easiest to do so, and you’re just given web links to current items without the sales.

TGI Black FridayTGI Black Friday (Free, iPhone): The app is similar to Dealnews where you‘re just given the links to the online items rather than the scans. All of the other aspects are included with a list, all sales, current deals, and item thumbnails.

Black Friday Survival GuideBlack Friday Survival Guide (Free, iPhone): There are bland text lists, and there just isn’t much depth at all to this app. All of the sales are included, but it’s a hassle to find them, and there’s not much information once you land on a particular product page.

Black Friday by BradsDealsBlack Friday by BradsDeals (Free, iPhone): This is the only other Black Friday app that includes the ad scans, but sadly has very lengthy load times. It seems you’re always on a loading screen, and the product details are few and far between.

Black FridayBlack Friday by (Free, iPhone): This is the worst of the bunch with the most basic interface and offerings of all the apps. You’re given text only lists, and even most products lack any imagery or even links. The ads aren’t included, and this app isn’t helpful in anyway. Blackfriday ads – Smart Aisle is actually worse, and isn’t even worth mentioning.

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