App Preview: Bug Heroes Quest- Bug Heroes Sequel With More Action And Larger Maps

On the heels of the success of Bug Heroes, Foursaken Media is developing a sequel known as Bug Heroes Quest. If you’re unfamiliar with Bug Heroes, it combines elements of castle defense, dual stick shooter, and RPG. You play as an ant, beetle, spider, and more as you try to protect your food stash. You build turrets at your base, go explore for more food, and you can switch between your bugs at will.

The sequel, Bug Heroes Quest, takes place in the same Bug Heroes universe, but focuses more on the adventure aspect. There are over 50 missions in the story driven campaign with much more specific goals than the original. There are also brand new and expansive maps that are up to four times bigger than the maps in the original. The RPG elements remain, and there are tons of upgradeable equipment items, abilities, weapons, and armor.

Enjoy the trailer below, as you wait for the game to hit the App Store. Foursaken Media expects to submit the game soon, and is still aiming for a July release. This is definitely one to keep your eye out for, as Bug Heroes Quest seems even more action packed, and enjoyable than the already high quality original. You can pick-up Bug Heroes for free in the App Store right now, and the game supports some optional in-app purchases.

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