Apple Reverses Course And Removes Big Fish Games’ Subscription Based Game

Yesterday, Big Fish Games released a new app called Play Instantly! The app featured a monthly $4.99 subscription giving you unlimited play of their games. There was also a free option with 30 minutes of play time a day. Up to this point, subscriptions have been seen in newspapers and magazines as well as media streaming, including Netflix. Games were yet to be covered, and it wasn’t clear if Apple’s subscription policy extended to games.

Play Instantly was approved and available yesterday making it seem like Apple did approve of this new subscription style. Today though, Apple has removed the Play Instantly app from the App Store, and Big Fish Games isn’t clear why. The company reportedly worked with Apple to get it approved, so they’re at a loss of why it would be removed at this point. The only thing that is clear is that Play Instantly isn’t available any longer, despite being a great idea, and a new potential avenue for game developers. Hopefully, the app itself had other problems, and Apple is working to add games to their subscription policy, because $4.99 or $6.99 as a monthly fee for unlimited games is much better than $6.99 per game as is presently seen with Big Fish Games.

We will keep you updated on this developing story, but for now subscription based games still aren’t approved by Apple.

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