Apple Updates The iPad App Store To Be More Touchable

Apple refreshed the App Store today with the new featured apps of the week. At the same time, they also updated the App Store view on the iPad to be more touch friendly. The iPad App Store shows the main featured banner up top, and then two boxed sections each displaying six apps at a time. There are four sets of six apps, and you can scroll through them by tapping the little arrows in the upper left and right corners of the boxes.

The app boxes were fixed areas in the iPad App Store, but they were replaced today in another silent update by Apple. Now those box sections span the whole screen, and you can swipe across anywhere on the box to scroll through the apps. It’s so much easier to go through the featured apps by just swiping across, rather than tapping the little white arrows in the corners. The change is seen on the main page in the App Store as well as the individual category featured pages.

It’s a minor change, but it changes the usability of the iPad App Store quite significantly. Tapping the arrows took a second or so to move through, but swiping through is instantaneous. Now users will be more prone to look at all the featured apps each week on the iPad. You can see the before and after below for a comparison.



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