‘Offers In-App Purchases’ Tagline Comes To iPhone & iPad App Stores

Last Thursday, we told you about Apple updating the iTunes App Store with a new designation on apps that include in-app purchases. The App Store on Mac and PC showed the tagline, “Offers In-App Purchases” below the purchase button on every app that included in-app purchases. Apple’s update was in response to the legal issues revolving around kids racking up large sums of in-app purchases to their parents’ surprise.

The only problem was that the designation was only see on the computer, and not in the individual iOS App Stores. Today, Apple has changed that by updating the iPhone and iPad App Stores with the same “Offers In-App Purchases” designation below the buy button. It took just a few days more, and now no matter where you you access Apple’s App Store, it’s clear to see if apps offer in-app purchases.

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