Angry Birds Rio Updated With 30 New Levels

As promised, Rovio has released the newest update to Angry Birds Rio in the month of May. The update is titled Beach Volley, and takes the battle against the Marmosets to the beach. The update includes two new sets of levels with episodes five and six. Each level set includes 15, with 30 total in the new update, and bumping the total to 90 levels overall.

It’s nice to see Fox to continue to support the game, even though Rio has already been in theaters for over a month. The new level set revolves around the beach with various structure items and level designs fitting the new location. Angry Birds Rio was relatively easy compared to the original or seasons, but the update is definitely more difficult. If you were hesitant before to purchase Angry Birds Rio, now is the time with 90 levels of physics puzzle action.

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