Angry Birds Rio Updated With 15 New Levels For Rio Ending

Angry Birds Rio launched last March, and now after almost a year, has completed all of the chapters associated with the movie. The movie tie-in version of the super popular bird slinging game was updated with 15 new levels of Smuggler’s Den which completes the chapter, and all six chapters in the game. The conclusion also features a boss battle at the end, and the expanding orange bird is now included in Rio.

Rovio has promised that this isn’t the end of Angry Birds Rio updates, but the movie chapters are concluded. There are now 180 levels in total to three star as well as collect all of the hidden fruit. Also, the game features 15 hidden levels classified as Golden Beach ball, and there’s a simple trick to unlock them. Simply play level 6-13, and launch a bird so that it rolls back underneath the slingshot. Then, the Golden Beach ball will flash on the screen, and a new section will be available on the level select screen.

Angry Birds Rio has become a full featured stand alone game, and may even have more recognition than the movie it’s based on. Our only critique when the game launched was that it had just 60 levels to start, but Rovio has continued to support it like usual making it just as great as the original and seasons.

Angry Birds Rio ($0.99, iPhone)
Angry Birds Rio HD ($2.99, iPad)

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