Angry Birds Seasons Portals And Where’s My Water Allie’s Story Updates

Two of the most popular games in the App Store received substantial updates today providing brand new levels to enjoy. First off, Angry Birds Seasons has been updated with a brand new level pack entitled “Abra-Ca-Bacon”, which is all about magic. There’s a new carnival theme for the 36 new levels that include clown pigs, magic hats, and other circus elements. The biggest new addition is Magic Portals, which introduces a brand new game mechanic allowing you to slingshot a bird into one end, and have it come flying out another. It’s still the same physics puzzle style, but this is a game changing extension with a plethora of new level possibilities as the portals can speed up birds, and transport blocks to cause extra destruction.
Where’s My Water also got a big update with a brand new level pack introducing Allie’s Story. If you’re familiar with Where’s My Water, then you know Allie is the alligator of Swampy’s affection, and now she has her own level pack with 40 levels in the new update. The levels revolve around steam to help power Allie’s musical instruments. The new levels also include optional special challenges where you need to direct the steam to musical notes in the given order. Allie’s Story is available as a $0.99 in-app purchase, similar to Cranky’s Story with brand new levels, style, challenges, and main character.

Angry Birds Seasons & Where’s My Water are two of the most feature filled apps in the App Store with each one receiving so many updates. Today’s new additions are just the latest, and provide great new content to enjoy.

Angry Birds Seasons ($0.99, iPhone) / ($2.99, iPad)

Where’s My Water? ($0.99, Universal) [Review]

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