Angry Birds Seasons Updated For Year Of The Dragon Of Chinese New Year

Angry Birds SeasonsThose Furious Fowl are celebrating Chinese New Year, and the Year of the Dragon with fireworks, lanterns, and plenty of pig smashing. Angry Birds Seasons was updated today with 15 new levels with the Chinese New Year theme, which builds upon the Moon Festival levels of last year. The biggest addition for the new levels is the inclusion of fireworks which you can spark, and let them randomly blast off. This is the most random element in any Angry Birds level pack yet, and it makes it that much more interesting to play.

There are also golden Kois and various lanterns to destroy for 3000 bonus points. Also included in the new level pack is the Mighty Dragon, which replaces the Mighty Eagle for these 15 levels, and it’s completely free to use. Now you can get a taste of what the Mighty Eagle can offer by using the Mighty Dragon, and going for total destruction. Angry Birds Seasons keeps supplying such varying and engaging levels, and it’s even more enjoyable than the original.

Angry Birds Seasons ($0.99, iPhone)
Angry Birds Seasons HD ($1.99, iPad)

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