Apple Approving Lion Ready Apps For The Mac App Store – 25 And Counting With Things, OmniOutliner, And More

Lion may not be available just yet, but Lion supported apps are slowly leaking into the Mac App Store. On Monday, Apple e-mailed developers asking them to submit their Lion ready apps as soon as they can. Now Apple has begun approving the Lion compatibility updates, and they’re now appearing in the App Store. There are a number of apps that have been updated for Lion from general bug fixes and compatibility to specific features including full screen, auto-save, versions, and resume support.

Apple got the first Lion update out when the iLife suite was updated earlier in the week. WordCrasher was a Lion ready app that was first spotted by OS X Daily, but there have been quite a few more. There are some big names that have just been updated including OmniOutliner, Things, Byword, Wren, and more. Here’s a list of all the Lion ready updated apps we have found thus far.

OmniOutliner Pro for Mac ($69.99)/OmniOutliner for Mac ($39.99):
New features supported on Lion
• Auto Save and Versions: never worry about forgetting to save again! Lion’s automatic saving and document versioning is fully supported.
• Full screen support: take your outline full screen to minimize distractions! Inspectors can still be used while in full screen mode.
Resume: OmniOutliner now uses Lion’s application state resuming. Everything should reopen just as it was when you quit the app.

Things ($49.99):
OS X Lion Update

Byword ($9.99):
OS X Lion Compatibility
• Native full screen support
• Auto Save support
• Versions support
Seamless Application Resume

BusyCal ($49.99):
• Lion compatibility.
• Supports full screen mode on Lion.
• Supports trackpad gestures on Lion.
• Supports new scrollbars on Lion.
• Supports Address Book yearless birthdays on Lion.

Wren ($4.99):
Lion Compatibility
Bug Fixes

WordCrasher ($1.99):
WordCrasher now takes advantage of new OS X Lion features: –
– Full-screen. Use the full-screen button or press CONTROL + COMMAND + F to toggle fullscreen mode under OS X Lion.
– Resume. Close WordCrasher at any time and resume your game right where you left it. Restart your Mac, and WordCrasher will resume straight away.

Launcher (Free)
* Now works flawlessly on Lion
* Speedup

Cruz ($2.99):
* Lion Compatibility.
* Support for Lion Full Screen Mode.
* Optionally use separate Cookie storage from Safari (in Security Preference Pane).
* Configurable Global Keyboard Shortcut to bring Cruz to the front (in General Preference Pane).

Screen Ruler ($4.99):
? Added support for Mac OS 10.7 (Lion)
? Added a new line measurement tool

BookTracker ($9.99)
– Fixed stability and behavior issues under OS X Lion.

Pocket Yoga ($4.99)
• Added OSX Lion full screen support.
• Bug fixes.

SwordSoft Layout ($6.99)
1. Add new templates.
2. Fixed capture desktop error on Mac OS X Lion (Mac).
3. Some bugs were fixed.

Pilot eLog ($34.99)
-Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” compatible

Media Inspector ($2.99)
+ Fixed minor bugs to be Mac OS X Lion ready.

Blurb Tally ($0.99)
* Fixed a bug when running in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Euchre 3D ($4.99)
– Fixes for Mac OS X Lion

RDM+ Desktop Lite (Free)
– Mac OS Lion support.
– Bugfix

Fake ($29.99)
* ENHANCEMENT: Lion Compatibility.
* NEW FEATURE: Support for Lion Full Screen Mode.
* NEW FEATURE: “Set Contents of Clipboard” Action for setting the contents of the system clipboard.
* NEW FEATURE: “Set Value of Fake Variable” Action now has a “to contents of Clipboard” option for getting the contents of the system clipboard.

SmartBackup ($16.99)
– Lion support
– interface improvements
– Improves persistence of backup settings

Aurora ($14.99)
? Fixed an incompatibility with 10.7

KPlayer ($2.99)
• improved the compatibility of the tag(ruby, comment) in subtitles.
• sorted the play-list like the finder-sorting.
• ready to Mac OS X 10.7.

GBSamplerManager ($4.99)
OS X 10.7 Lion Compatibility

iShowU ($21.99)
Added feature to lock capture (and selection thereof) to a single display.
Fixed some memory leaks.
Initial compatibility for Lion (still a work in progress)

Harmony Worship ($149.99)
[Bugfix] Fix datamodel for OS X Lion
Include missing image in Mac App Store build

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