Gmail 2.0 Update Borrows From Sparrow

Gmail - email from GoogleIn July, Google acquired the email app Sparrow, and at the time said that the Sparrow staff would be joining the Gmail team. Today, Gmail 2.0 for iOS has been released, and it’s a substantial update that includes a brand new design. Everything is clearer, and cleaner, like in Sparrow, with a highlight on white compared to the black motif of the previous version of Gmail. The entire app lets you focus on your mail, and you can’t help, but notice the similarities in the design principles between Sparrow, and the redesigned Gmail.

The update also includes multiple account support, infinite scrolling inbox, and search predictions as you type. All three features were a highlight of Sparrow, and are now built-in to Gmail for iOS. Gmail also now lets you directly respond to Google Calendar invites, and Google+ posts right within your inbox. Gmail (Free, Universal) has improved considerably in version 2.0, and fans of Sparrow will definitely like what they see.

Version 2.0:

Previous Version:

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