iBooks And iTunes U Finally Updated For iOS 7

Apple has slowly, but surely updated their App Store apps for iOS 7, but two of the last stragglers had the most distinct style representing the old way of doing things. iBooks and iTunes U both offered a wood shelf background for the books, with heavy shadowing, depth, and glossy menu bars. Today, both apps were updated with iOS 7 style designs, and they take cues from Newsstand in iOS 7. The wood shelf background has been replaced with a subtly flat glass background, and all of the menus have been flattened into the glass background. The book covers essentially just hover on screen in a cold and clean environment, and the apps are nearly identical in that regard.

The iBookstore has also been updated to adopt the look of the iOS 7 iTunes Store and App Store. Within a book, the textured pages with frayed edges have been replaced, and you’re left with a simple page with text on it. The reading menus adopt the same style as in the main library, and the only thing maintained from the original version is the page flip effect. There are new icons as well, that are almost identical to Pages with an orange gradient background, and just a different white icon. It’s a stark new book reading version on iOS with a lot of empty space, especially on the iPad. The Mac version of iBooks has a similar lifeless reading environment, and the comfort of reading a book on iOS is gone.

iBooks and iTunes U have finally been updated for iOS 7, but it may not be for the better.

iBooks, iOS 6 on the left, iOS 7 on the right:


iTunes U, iOS 6 on the left, iOS 7 on the right:

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