iOS Remote App Updated For iTunes 11

RemoteThe iOS Remote app is one handy utility that lets you control playback of your iTunes library on your computer or on the Apple TV. Now that iTunes 11 is finally available, Apple has updated their remote app with compatibility for the new iTunes features. The biggest new addition is the ability to edit, and add to Up Next. You simply hold your finger on a song to either play next or add to the up next list, and then you can view, rearrange, and delete songs from the up next list.

The iPhone design remains relatively the same, but the iPad version has been completely redesigned to resemble the look of iTunes 11. The main iPad screen of Remote begins with the same album flow view of iTunes 11. There’s also the in-line album display with the album themed background when listing all the songs of the current album. This transformation hopefully makes it to the stock music app of the iPad, and the iPhone version could use this kind of visual design.

Remote (Free, Universal) and iTunes 11 work hand in hand exceptionally well, so get updating if you still haven’t.

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