At Bat Back In Time For 2013 Spring Training At At Bat has been a yearly staple of the best sports apps around, and 2013 looks to be no different. MLB has the best offering of any major sport whether you’re looking at the beautiful digital representation of the current at-bat or watching the actual games. For 2013, At Bat has a number of new features beginning with multi-platform access across iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, consoles, and other mobile devices. The new version officially launched today, and it will let you listen to the radio broadcasts of every spring training game.

The app is set to get you warmed up for the full 2013 MLB season, and there are a few different subscription options available on top of the free download. You can pay a one time $19.99 fee ($14.99 last year) for the whole season from spring training through the World Series, or you can just pay a recurring $2.99 per month fee, which lets you only pay for select months. Both subscriptions unlock the full app including radio broadcasts, digital displays, and complete scoreboard with video highlights. Another new feature for 2013 is access to classic game archives with plenty of memorable game footage.

You will need to sign up for the $130 MLB.TV subscription to watch each game, and that can be done online or in-app. The only problem with the live video is that your local teams are blacked out, so for instance if you live anywhere in Southern California you can’t watch the Dodgers or Angels. The local blackouts are in place because local sports channels are valued at so much with the Dodgers recently signing a $7 billion 20 year deal with Time Warner Cable for broadcast rights, and there are similar, albeit smaller, deals throughout the country. It’s a problem for small time iOS users, but we’re talking very big money, and if anything there would likely be individual apps from the broadcasters for select teams. At Bat (Free, Universal) is ready for the first pitch of 2013, as baseball season is officially underway with Spring Training games. It’s the only app baseball fans need, and you get all 162 games across all 30 teams for the 2013 season in various subscription forms under different restrictions.

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