Original Angry Birds Updated With Bad Piggies Invasion

Angry BirdsAngry Birds is simply the most popular mobile game to date, and even though it was released in 2009, it’s still getting updated. Today, Rovio updated the original to version 3.2, which provides 15 new levels in a brand new episode. The episode entitled, Red’s Mighty Feathers, isn’t just more of the same structure smashing, and instead directly ties into Rovio’s Bad Piggies game. The various contraptions constructed in Bad Piggies are now featured in Angry Birds, so the pigs are moving targets. We’re used to smacking still pigs, but now they’re rolling, flying, and propelling themselves through these new levels.
It’s a new gameplay twist on the base slingshot mechanic as the Bad Piggies come right at your birds to take their eggs, and then get away with them. The birds have a new weapon as the red bird has been infused with feathers from the Mighty Eagle, giving it new abilities. You can now tap to target a moving piggy contraption, and the red bird can change trajectory to smash down on the contraption, like the yellow bird in Angry Birds Space. It’s a brand new challenge, and again the episode starts off with 15 new levels, and 73 unique pig contraptions.

Angry Birds ($0.99, iPhone) / ($2.99, iPad) has withstood the test of time, and this may be the biggest update yet to the original game.

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