Pudding Monsters Gets Its First Update, Complete With 25 New Levels

pudding_monstersIf you’re unaware of Pudding Monsters, then you have been missing out as the new puzzle game from the creators of Cut The Rope is a superbly crafted brain teaser. Every level requires you to flick globs of pudding across the board in an attempt to stick them all together to make one massive Pudding Monster. The art style is exquisite, the level variation is outstanding, and the final Pudding creations are packed with personality. At launch, the game featured 75 levels, and in the spirit of Cut The Rope, Pudding Monsters has received its first content update which includes 25 new levels.

The new levels are in the City Tour which provides a downtown theme, and all new special elements to contend with. There are now arrow tiles which slide the globs across the screen, as well as magnetic monsters which can attract any monster that crosses their force fields. If the new levels weren’t enough, the game now supports iCloud for the iPhone and iPad versions to be in sync. This is likely the first of many level updates for Pudding Monsters, and the game already features great replayability as you can play levels multiple times to get zero, one, two, or three stars, and if you collect them all you earn a crown.

Pudding Monsters ($0.99, iPhone / $0.99, iPad) is a top notch iOS puzzle game that is time to get stuck to, if you still haven’t.

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