Where’s My Water Updated With 20 New Levels In Boiling Point

Where's My Water?Where’s My Water is a fantastic game, and one of the best in the App Store as you guide various liquids through dirt trenches and pipes. Your goal is get water to Swampy the alligator so that he can take a shower, but there’s polluted water and toxic sludge to deal with too. The game received its second update today, adding 20 new levels in the chapter titled Boiling Point. There are now 120 levels in the game, and Boiling Point introduces steam for brand new puzzle mechanics.

In the 20 new levels you now try to convert water into steam, and then back into water to maneuver through all of the obstacles and deliver the water to Swampy. The steam changes up the puzzles considerably, and gives you a new reason to come back to the game. The tri-duck scoring system along with the hidden bonus levels gives you so much to do in the game. Where’s My Water is still one of the best in the App Store, and now there’s even more to enjoy for the low price of $0.99 for the universal app.

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