Where’s My Perry’s First Update Reflects Greatness

wheres_my_perryWhere’s My Perry does Where’y My Water proud, and distinguishes itself enough to feel like a brand new game. On top of the outstanding water physics, Where’s My Perry adds new lasers so you can switch water between its three phases, of liquid, gas, and solid as water, steam, and ice. The one thing Where’s My Perry is maintaining from Where’s My Water is great free updates. Today, Where’s My Perry was updated for the first time to add 20 new levels bringing the game total to 100.

The 20 new levels are in the chapter, “A Platypus Never Forgets”, and feature mirrors. Now you can reflect the lasers through the levels to transform the water into various phases as mentioned above. Where’s My Water has done a great job of introducing one new element with each new level pack, which changes up the game considerably, and Where’s My Perry has got off on the right foot to do just that with its first update.

Where’s My Perry ($0.99, Universal) is a great addition to the Where’s My Water style, and is such a worthwhile experience for only a dollar, and now offers even more for a buck.

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