Where’s My Water Updated With Mud & Mystery

Disney Mobile has been busy as of late with the launch of Where’s My Perry this morning, Temple Run: Brave last week, and now a big update to Where’s My Water. The update continues Swampy’s story with 20 new mud filled levels, entitled “Out To Dry”. The new levels offer up a brand new puzzle mechanic as you’re given mud which stays liquid as long as water is touching it. When the water is removed, the mud dries out, and turns into the dirt that fills the level allowing you to create bridges, new dirt paths, and more. The 20 new levels are free in the 1.7 update, and there’s also the brand new Mystery Duck.

The Mystery Duck story is an extra $0.99 in-app purchase, like Cranky’s Story, and it comes with 100 levels in this update, with 100 more coming in future updates for 200 total levels for only $0.99. The Mystery Duck builds upon the existing levels, and introduces three new types of ducks with MegaDuck, Ducklings, and Mystery Duck. Now, there’s all new objectives in the existing levels which provide all new challenge, and brand new incentive to play them again with a fresh feel. It’s similar to the Cranky Challenge levels where there was a whole new task at hand in the same level, but it resulted in a new puzzle. Now, you will need to fill up an extra large duck, bring water to 10 tiny ducks, or get water to a transporting duck.

Where’s My Water? ($0.99, Universal) keeps getting better, and offers up such amazing value when you see that you get over 400 unique level challenges for $3 total.

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