Where’s My Water Updated With New Weekly Levels

Where's My Water?Where’s My Water just keeps getting better, and it’s always nice to see an update for the great game. The base gameplay is extraordinary as you drag your finger to dig through dirt to guide water to Swampy. The water physics engine is outstanding, and there are so many intricacies and variations across the now more than 400 levels. If that wasn’t enough, Disney has updated the game today with a brand new weekly levels section.

Now, there will be three new levels every week with one each from Swampy, Cranky, and Mystery Duck. You don’t need to own the other two in-app purchase level packs to have access to the new weekly levels. The level count in Where’s My Water is set to go way up now, and there’s brand new incentive to check Where’s My Water ($0.99, Universal) every week. There are also new Where’s My Water webispodes on YouTube known as Swampy’s Underground Adventures.

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