Winter Has Come To Temple Run 2 With New World Update

Temple Run 2FreeWinter has come to Temple Run 2. The game that has received over a billion downloads has just been updated with a brand new world to run through. The Frozen Shadows update has covered the Temple Run landscape in snow and ice, and presented all new challenges. The main distinguisher is the new ice luge, that lets you slide on top of a demon monkey skull down an ice ramp. It’s similar to the raging rapids update of the existing Temple Run 2, and on the ice luge, you can also swipe in the same directions as the main game to avoid obstacles.
temple_run2_ - 1
The Frozen Shadows update features other new obstacles including spinning blades, falling trees, and rock slides. Each run on the new landscape helps you earn coins to unlock new outfits to fit with the theme. The all new environment offers new incentive to jump back into Temple Run 2 if you have stopped playing it over the past couple of years since it launched. Frozen Shadows is now available, and according to Imangi Studio co-founder Keith Shepherd, “This is the first in a series of world expansions we have planned for Temple Run 2 over the next year”. That’s definitely good news for Temple Run 2 fans.

Temple Run 2 (Free, Universal) remains an outstanding endless runner, and now there’s a fresh blanket of snow to get you running again.

Free, Universal

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