Apple Set To Reveal A New Apple TV Box In April, With Apps?

The Apple TV is such an interesting product as it has so much potential, and yet Apple just leaves it on the back burner. The current little black box continues to gain new channels, while having access to AirPlay from iOS devices. Still though, we’re looking for a lot more, and we may finally be close to getting an Apple TV update. According to Bloomberg, Apple is preparing to introduce a new Apple TV box in April, though it won’t be on sale for months, and held until the holiday shopping season. The new box would focus on an upgraded processor, and revamped user interface to handle potential new content.
The reported gap between announcement, and availability is due to the fact that Apple is still trying to secure deals with content providers. Apple also may be working on releasing a software development kit, and give developers time to build new apps for the new Apple TV. Bloomberg continues by saying Apple is in talks with Time Warner Cable to provide an Apple centric interface for Time Warner Cable’s boxes. It’s unclear if Comcast’s acquisition of Time Warner will have an impact on Apple’s plans for a new Apple TV box. It’s unclear what Apple will include in a new box, but it seems there’s definitely one being made. According to developer Hamza Sood, there’s a new AppleTV4.1 listed in the iOS 7 Apple TV framework. The current Apple TV is listed as 3.1, so this would be an entirely new device.

A new Apple TV seems to be coming, but what it includes, and when it will be available is still unclear.

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