Apple To Hold Next iPhone Event On September 10th

All of the rumors and speculation regarding the next generation iPhone will come to a halt on September 10th. According to AllThingsD, Apple is set to unveil their next iPhone on September 10th. It’s big news, and now we all have a date to circle on the calendar to see what’s next from Apple. The report doesn’t go into many details beyond providing the date, which makes us wonder what exactly this September 10th event will hold.

There are only claims of the next generation iPhone, with no mention of iPhones. Will the event be for the iPhone 5S only, or will the rumored low cost iPhone 5C also be making an appearance? Is it just an iPhone event, and if so where does that leave the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2? iOS 7 will likely get an official launch date, but the report specifically claims that OS X Mavericks will not be unveiled, and what does that say for new retina MacBook Pros? If September 10th is just about the iPhone, we may have an October event as well, just like last year.

For now, all we know is that September 10th will be a busy day in the Apple universe.

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