Apps Coming To Apple TV Alongside iOS 7?

The Apple TV is always an interesting product because there’s so much untapped potential, and Apple really leaves the product alone. This morning, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek claims that according to channel checks, Apple has a product event planned for March regarding an Apple TV SDK introduction, though not the full fledged TV set. Last month, we saw FCC approval of a tweaked Apple TV design, but apps would be the true game changer that’s worthy of an event.

Following the Misek report, Jim Dalyrmple of The Loop has responded with his traditional one word response, “Nope”. The Loop has a great track record, but even if there’s no Apple TV event in March, we could see an Apple TV SDK as part of iOS 7. Apps on the Apple TV could change the entire product, and the entire industry with so many developers already supporting iOS. One of the founding engineers of Xbox thinks an app supported Apple TV could destroy console gaming simply because it would be so easy to develop for with virtually no barrier to entry as there is with traditional consoles.

The idea of apps on the Apple TV is also sparked by HBO’s Eric Kessler announcing that the HBO Go app will be updated to support AirPlay from iOS devices. He also said, “We will get on Apple TV as we’ve said all along”, and this follows up on a rumor from Bloomberg that Apple and HBO were in discussions to bring HBO Go to the Apple TV as a native app. Apple may not be a holding an event in March, but the launch of iOS 7 could be a great time to add apps to the Apple TV, and have the HBO Go app on the Apple TV as the first demo during an iOS 7 event.

To extend the Apple TV rumors, Reuteurs reports that shares of Loewe, the German television set maker jumped 43% today on renewed rumors of an Apple acquisition. There’s a whole lot of smoke regarding the Apple TV for there not to be a fire, and now it seems just a question of when Apple will act on TV apps.

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