Gold iPhone 5S Confirmed For September 10th Event

Last week, there were questionable part leaks of a supposed gold iPhone rear casing. Could Apple actually be introducing a third color option to their premium iPhone line-up? Today, that rumor appears to be true as AllThingsD has just confirmed that Apple will be offering a gold iPhone this fall. They’re the source for the September 10th date of the next iPhone event, so it makes sense that they would know some of what’s going to be shown. Multiple additional sources are confirming the same gold iPhone, and the main consistency is that the color is more of a champagne, than true gold.

It’s also worth noting that this gold addition will simply cover the back and side panels of the iPhone 5S. The gold model will essentially be the white iPhone, but with the champagne anodized aluminum replacing the silver tones. The move will allow Apple to sell three different colors on their premium line, which would be sliver, slate, and gold focusing on the metal parts, rather than the black of white glass accents. The extra color option for the 5S would also offer another distinguisher from the proposed iPhone 5C, which is set to come in five iPod style colors. The “champagne” color on metal offers a more elegant option, which could help some people choose the more premium priced iPhone 5S, over the proposed low cost iPhone 5C with its bright rainbow of colors on plastic. This is especially important in China and India, where the 5C is geared for.

The iPhone line is about to get a lot more colorful this fall.

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