iPad 3 May Include A Haptic Display For Tactile Feedback?

The iPad touch screen is a phenomenal piece of technology that offers a silky smooth interface. The iPad 3 is likely to have a retina display making that touch screen even better, but it’s still missing one thing. That one thing is tactile feedback because currently there’s no way to know where your fingers go without looking. There’s a new report that has popped up very subtly right before Apple’s iPad 3 event regarding haptic technology.

Senseg creates tactile responsive surfaces, and they have been trying to work with tablet makers, and quite possibly Apple, to have their technology in a consumer product in 2012. Apple themselves filed a patent for Haptic technology back in April 2009. The rumors of a haptic screen integrated into the iPad 3 are picking up traction right before the event with claims from The Guardian, Pocket-lint, and The Next Web. Touch feedback would change the usability of the iPad completely, and it’s all done in the background. Senseg’s technology focuses on creating an attractive force field between the finger and the screen, which provides a sensory perception of a physical feel.

This could have wide ranging applications including with the iPad keyboard, drawing apps, game joysticks, and any potential textures in apps. The technology is really gaining steam from Apple’s invite tagline, “We have something you really have to see. And touch.”, focuing on the touch aspect. We are just hours away from Apple’s iPad 3 event, and we will see for ourselves.

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