tvOS 10 Is Now Available For Update To Further Simplify Apple TV Viewing

The 4th generation Apple TV launched last November, and Apple has been updating it pretty consistently since then. Apple previewed tvOS 10 in June, and now the more substantial update is available for 4th generation Apple TV owners. Siri search is a key component of the new Apple TV, and it has been enhanced in the next version of tvOS. Siri can search through 650,000 movies and TV shows as well as YouTube videos. Now, there are topic based searches with the ability to combine topics, so you can say, “Find high school comedies from the 80s”. Live TuneIn was added a month ago, but Apple is expanding it with more channels to say “watch ESPN2”, and then the station is playing.
To help the new Siri connectivity, tvOS introduces a new system called “Single sign-on”. You simply enter your cable or satellite login details once, and all of the supporting apps will automatically sign you on. The Apple TV App Store even includes a separate page to show all of the app channels that are connected with your provider. Apple is also introducing a new dark mode for the Apple TV allowing you to choose a black background for the Apple TV UI to be better suited for a dark home theater. Part of the tvOS update section is actually an update to the iPhone Remote app. Apple is replicating the function of the Siri remote for the iPhone app. You can also download an app on your iPhone, and if it’s universal, it will download on your Apple TV automatically.

The tvOS update isn’t as big as the updates for Apple’s other OS’, but the additions definitely make for a more pleasant viewing experience. To update your Apple TV 4th generation, simply go to Settings, System, Software Updates.

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