Apple’s iPhone Line Dominates The Phone Industry In Profits And Sales

The iPhone can now be called a juggernaut coming off such a monumental holiday quarter with 37 million iPhones sold. The numbers are further analyzed and compared all the time, with new statistics showing just how much of a juggernaut the iPhone is. NPD reveled today, the top selling mobile phone handsets in Q4 of 2011 with Apple taking the top 3 spots with the iPhone 4S, 4, and 3GS. It’s also worth noting that the 4S outsold the iPhone 4 by 75%, and outsold the 3GS by a five to one margin.

Coming in below the 3GS were the Samsung Galaxy SII and S 4G to round out the top five. That means they were outsold by even a greater ratio than five to one, and no individual Android headset could beat out a 2009 phone. The iPhone 3GS was also only on one carrier, with AT&T, though the free price definitely helped. When you look at overall market share, there are plenty of Android devices, but not a single one stands out, and neither does a single manufacturer.

Another statistical report comes from asymco’s Horace Dediu who regularly tracks revenue and profits in the global mobile phone industry. His latest findings show that Apple has only reached 9% unit share, but takes in 75% of the profit in the entire global phone industry. Samsung took in 16%, and no other manufacturer topped 4% of mobile phone profits. In terms of revenue, Apple also held the lead with a 39% share, and it shows just how willing people are to pay for iPhones. The only question remains is if Apple can sustain the momentum, as they’ve held the lead 13 quarters in a row.

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