Apple Readying A 3G iPod Touch To Be Unveiled This Month

Are you tired of iPhone 5 rumors? We are too, and that’s why we’re focusing on the 5th generation iPod Touch. Not much has been said about the iPod Touch, except for a brief story about the potential of a 3G iPod Touch from Dutch publication AppleSpot. There have been some product leaks of a white front, but that’s really all there is about a fifth generation iPod Touch making most people think there will only be a color change. We’ve been in touch with everyone we can who would potentially have some knowledge about the next iPod Touch.

After talking with multiple people over the past few weeks, we had a lengthy chat with one person who gave us great news about the next iPod Touch (though they would like to remain anonymous). We’ve used this person in the past, but they did qualify their remarks, saying that the iPod Touch changes should make it, but there’s no guarantee the changes will be ready for fall. The 3G iPod Touch idea intrigued us so much back in July, and we’ve been trying to find one of our contacts who can give some credence to the idea. A few have declined to comment, while others honestly have no idea, but the source for this report says that Apple is indeed working on a 3G iPod Touch. Apple is intent on announcing the device during their September event which they usually save for their iPod line, but will include the iPhone as well this year.

The fifth generation iPhone launch has been pushed back, which has made some question whether or not Apple will do anything with the iPod Touch. We knew they would because the iPod Touch is Apple’s most important product. It was just a question of what, and 3G appears to be the answer according to who we’ve talked to. The fifth generation iPod Touch will be most like a mini-iPad with the same type of 3G connectivity. Apple has worked out the plans with the carriers for non-contract monthly payments just like with the iPad. This took a considerable amount of work, but the deals are in place, as the expected usage is about on par or less than the iPad with 3G. Also, our source believes that those who buy iPhones will continue to do so, and the 3G iPod Touch, that will look very similar to the fourth generation, has it’s very own segment of potential consumers. There will be no voice capabilities, and it will just be data, but Apple knows how important 3G connection is especially as they roll out iCloud.

The iCloud features rely on constant connection, and are really made with iOS devices in mind. The iPod Touch is an integral part of Apple’s product strategy, and they want to keep it as a very strong member of the iOS family. Beyond our source, there are some subtle hints of a 3G iPod Touch which have been indicated before. There was an image on Apple’s website about iTunes in the cloud with an iPod Touch with 5 bars of 3G. That image has been removed from the U.S. site, but remains internationally, and nearly every photo on the same page shows 5 bars in the upper left corner of the screen, instead of just the WiFi logo. Also, there are hints of iOS 5 beta 4 of an iPod Touch with a cellular toggle. These are just small items that further the point our source indicated to us.

The ultimate takeaway from our chat is that Apple isn’t going to limit their holiday season product line-up by what they can unveil in a single event. It’s their most important sales quarter, and there’s more to their sales than the iPhone especially with the wide-appeal of the iPod Touch. The 3G iPod Touch may not take center stage, but Apple is doing their best to get the product ready for their typical September refresh cycle.

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  1. anonymous September 10, 2011 at 1:32 PM -

    i cant wait till this generation comes out! i’m stuck with my crappy 2nd generation until it comes out!

  2. Joe September 24, 2011 at 8:01 AM -

    With a google voice number, and Vtok or Talkatone, this would basically be the cheapest Verizon smartphone out there! The iPad plans start at $20 a month for 1 GB – just use wifi when you can and you could save tons of money