The 50 Best iOS Games Of 2015 Countdown: #30-21

Join us as we continue to look back at 2015 with our best iOS games of 2015 countdown. The list continues with numbers 21 through 30 today. The games keep getting better as we make our way to Friday, when we reveal our 2015 game of the year. All 50 of these games deserve recognition.



Card Crawl21.) Card Crawl ($1.99, Universal) [Review]: Imagine solitaire, but with a combat based set-up more akin to a dungeon crawler than a traditional game of solitaire. There’s a 54 card deck filled with enemies, potions, and swords, and your goal is to completely clear every card with four cards dealt at a time, and three cards to use per turn. There are a lot of intricacies involved in Card Crawl, so you will need some strategy in using specific cards at just the right time. Every turn delivers numerous decisions based on the cards that are dealt to make for a completely engaging experience. With each deal of four cards, you need to act on three cards to get the next deal.

This War of Mine22.) This War of Mine ($14.99, Universal) [Review]: goes in a different direction to show the other side of war in the fight for survival as just a citizen of a war torn city. It’s a survival adventure game in which you guide a group of civilians trying to live in an abandoned building during the day while scavenging for any goods they can find at night. This War of Mine revolves around a consistent day/night cycle to deliver two unique gameplay types to play through with a crafting system at day, and a stealth adventure at night. The emphasis on This War of Mine is the theme and setting which puts the player in the shoes of the survivors.

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise23.) Agent A ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: The life of a secret agent includes many challenges, and now there’s a new game that focuses those spy challenges into puzzles.The game presents the classic point and click adventure style infused with a great theme that is applied to every aspect of the experience. Agent A is all about exploring each room of the secret lair to find anything that could potentially help later on. The highlight of the game is that there’s a constant flow to every interaction, so that you’re always piecing things together. There’s a string to grab on to that leads through the entire game as you find an item in the bedroom that fits into a lock in the lounge that then ties into the bathroom.

RollerCoaster Tycoon® 324.) Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 ($4.99, Universal) [Review]: The third installment introduced an all new 3D design to show all new depth to the rides, and bring more life to the parks you can create. Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 for iOS delivers the full game with a new touch control scheme combined with the classic theme park simulation gameplay. You’re given the classic Roller Coaster Tycoon style allowing you to build coasters piece by piece, place concession stands, construct pathways, set up queue lines, clean up puke, and more. Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 also features a first person camera view for your roller coasters allowing you to sit in the front row, and whiz along the track.

A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build25.) A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build ($4.99, Universal) [Review]: You plays as a cute monster making snowmen in a park. Your goal is to make a snowman of three pieces in each section of the park as you build up a big bottom, roll on the medium mid section, and add the small head. The monster names each snowman, and each complete snowman comes to life with charm. At the beginning, you’re given the three sizes of snowman pieces, but later on you need to roll small snowballs over the snow to make them bigger to build up the base. As you advance, you’ll need to create multiple snowmen in a single small area requiring you to plan out your moves, so each piece has room to maneuver, and enough snow to build up the full snowmen. It’s a throughly engaging puzzle mechanic that challenges your order of operations, and does so in a fun loving and creative way.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved26.) Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions ($9.99, Universal) [Review]: The third in the series maintains the familiar frantic arcade shooter style, but emphasizes a new dimension with 3D level layouts. The third in the series lets you blast away neon geometric shaped enemies, but now while traversing the surface of spheres, cubes, and many more 3D shapes. There are ten game modes in total, and when combined with the different 3D designs lets every level offer a fresh challenge within this game, and in comparison to the previous installments.

Scribblenauts Unlimited27.) Scribblenauts Unlimited ($4.99, Universal) [Review]: A puzzle game that emphasizes creativity allowing you to solve puzzles in any way you can think of. You need to help people all around the world, and you can create anything to try to help their situation. Scribblenauts Unlimited gives you a keyboard, and from there you can create all sorts of things ranging from a simple chicken to an electrified fire breathing frozen ghost. You can type out objects or adjectives, and the app poofs your creation out of thin air, and it may or may not work in the given situation.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch28.) Octodad: Dadliest Catch ($4.99, Universal) [Review]: An adventure game that pits you as the Octopus trying to be a father. Playing as an Octopus out of water isn’t easy as you try to manage unwieldy boneless tentacles that make even the most mundane tasks extremely challenging. Making coffee, mowing the lawn, and shopping for groceries has never been as difficult as it is in Octodad. Your goal is to be a husband and father, while trying to keep your octopus nature under wraps. The game definitely resembles I Am Bread as you try to move a character that isn’t made to be moved in the current environment.

Dead Effect 229.) Dead Effect 2 (Free, Universal) [Review]: The sequel maintains the Sci-Fi first person shooter style of the original, but introduces an all new storyline, 3D graphics engine, and mission set-up. The game really establishes the settings, and continues to develop it with each new mission, environment design, and leaping zombie. There’s a ton of action as you need to fire at multiple quick moving enemies that continue to get tougher. The controls lend themselves to quick FPS action as you simply drag to aim, and the game auto-fires.

Impulse GP - Super Bike Racing30.) Impulse GP ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: Strap yourself in and get ready to speed along futuristic track in the new racing game Impulse GP. You get to race hoverbikes across gravity defying tracks with all new boosting mechanics to really amplify your speed. Impulse GP is a futuristic racer that is great to look at with a superb 3D design that is rendered at 60 frames per second to really make the races look great in motion. The game is designed with speed in mind, and delivers an immersive sense of speed, so it feels that you’re almost flying at times.

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