The 50 Best iOS Games Of 2015 Countdown: #50-41

The calendar has flipped over to 2016, and now it’s time to take a look back at all that happened in 2015. For us, that means looking at all of the great releases in the App Store in 2015, and try to cut them down to a top 50. Once the top 50 is set, it comes down to sorting them to truly find the game of the year for 2015.

We will countdown all week with our picks for the 50 best games of 2015. Today we begin with numbers 50-41, and stay tuned all week to see how the top 50 unfolds until we release our game of the year on Friday.

NBA 2K1641.) NBA 2K16 ($7.99, Universal) [Review]: NBA 2K is the name in basketball simulations on consoles, and has really been the only choice on iOS. Each year we hope for the best and 2K has yet to really deliver the full flavor of a basketball sim on iOS, and 2K16 delivers. This year’s installment includes the full season mode with iOS based settings including customized scoring length, and in-game saving. There’s also a new dribble stick as well as numerous enhancements to player design, animations, and flow. 2K16 is the first year that truly brings a basketball sim experience to iOS

Rusty Lake Hotel42.) Rusty Lake Hotel ($1.99, Universal) [Review]: A puzzle adventure game for iOS that delivers animal personification, and mystery. The game delivers familiar elements for the genre, and yet easily stands on its own with a fresh approach and storyline. There’s an overarching puzzle scheme that is developed by solving little puzzles in each room of the guests. You get to explore each of six rooms one at a time, trying to solve each little brain teaser that you uncover. Rusty Lake Hotel grabs you at first glance with a beautifully crafted art design that merges early 20th century style with artistic flourishes. The game draws you in, and you stay compelled by the individual puzzles building up the overarching storyline.

Last Voyage43.) Last Voyage ($0,.99, Universal) [Review]: A mysterious adventure in which you never know what’s coming next. Last Voyage presents a five chapter journey with each one providing unique puzzle concepts to dive into. There’s an overriding futuristic minimalistic space theme to dive into as you shift 3D shapes, speed through portals, identify patterns, and much more. Each chapter is completely different, and the puzzles within a given chapter always keep you guessing. Everything is designed with touch in mind, and it’s just intuitive enough to let the player fend for theirself in deciphering what comes next.

Odd Bot Out44.) Odd Bot Out ($1.99, Universal) [Review]: It’s up to you to help odd bot out of the recycling area by facing a series of 100 puzzle platformer levels. You need to use blocks, electricity, physics, and other abandoned robots to help odd bot escape the trash heap. Every level of Odd Bot Out provides a unique challenge to contend with, and the variety keeps you constantly engaged throughout all 100 levels. You will come across robotic centipedes, shuttles, elevator cars, and things you simply wouldn’t expect. Each new item comes with new interaction, and all of it revolves around touch.

Alpha Omega45.) Alpha Omega ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: A challenging word puzzle game that offers crossword style puzzles, in which you need to rearrange the letters to form words. Each of the 360 levels gives you a set of words that have one theme to help you identify each word. Have you ever seen those optical illusion puzzles where you can raed mpslilseed wrdos as lnog as the fsrit and lsat ltertes are in the rgiht pcale? If so, and you can read the last sentence, then you’re prepared for Alpha Omega.

mayday46.) Mayday! Deep Space ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: A game unlike any you have played before, as it provides a voice driven adventure that merges audiobook, and video game into one. Rather than using virtual buttons, touch gestures, or tilt controls, you simply use your voice to guide the main character to safety. The story of Mayday! Deep Space offers its own compelling sci-fi narrative that you will want to get to the conclusion of. Pulled from the App Store temporarily due to a bug, will return soon.

Cut the Rope: Magic47.) Cut The Rope Magic ($0.99, Universal) [Review]: An all new installment that brings Om Nom back in search of candy. The main difference in the new edition is magical abilities allowing you to transform Om Nom at just the right time for all new solutions. There are also boss battles against an evil wizard, and magical elements in the environment including transporters, fairy dust, and more. Taking Cut The Rope Magic by itself, it’s a great puzzle experience that will keep you engaged through the entire course of the over 100 included levels.

You Must Build A Boat48.) You Must Build A Boat ($2.99, Universal) [Review]: A puzzle adventure that lets you slide columns and rows to make matches with all of the potential tiles at the bottom of the screen with your character and obstacles at the top of the screen. Your goal is to match specific tiles based on the obstacle that you’re facing as you need swords and magical staffs for monsters, but keys for treasure chests. The ultimate challenge arises in that there’s a time component, and every second you’re not getting past an obstacle, you’re closer to being pushed off screen, which ends your run. What really makes You Must Build A Boat stand out is that every run contributes to advancing the storyline.

Shooty Skies - Endless Arcade Flyer49.) Shooty Skies (Free, Universal) [Review]: The game delivers an arcade shoot ‘em up, and all you have to do is drag your finger to pilot your ship around the screen as it fires automatically. It’s a simple control scheme that lets you focus on the action at hand, and there’s a ton of aerial action in Shooty Skies. Shooty Skies does a great job of reducing the barrier to entry, and then applies a chaotic and friendly gameplay style. It’s so easy to drag your finger to avoid enemy fire, while lining up your ship to blast away wave after wave of enemies. You also have the ability to lift your finger off the screen to change your shot. It’s a nice risk/reward mechanic of leaving yourself vulnerable for as long as possible to then really cause some destruction.

Staying Together50.) Staying Together (Free, Universal) [Review]: A multi-character puzzle platformer where you get to play as a man and a woman at the same time where every single move impacts both characters simultaneously. When you tap to jump, both characters jump, and when you move in either direction both characters move together, just in the inverse. Each one of the 60 levels begins with the characters separated, and your goal to reunite the characters in the glowing region. The levels are designed so that you can move the characters together to overcome two unique sets of obstacles on the way to the joined finish.

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