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By Trevor Sheridan, July 18, 2014 0 App Pick

Everyone has their own opinion about the federal government, but yet most agree that it’s highly inefficient, and largely run by special interests with the most money. We live in a representative democracy, and many of us wonder if our representatives are truly looking out for our interests. Countable is a new iPhone app that… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, July 17, 2014 0 App Pick

Hipstamatic is a popular retro style camera that lets you capture results like using an old school camera. Cinamatic is a new app from the same developers, which offers a similar style, but infused with the new age quick capture methodology seen in Vine, Instagram, and others. The is essentially a stylized version of Vine… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, July 16, 2014 0 App Pick

There are tons of podcasts out there, and there are quite a few apps to make it easy to listen to some on your iOS device. Overcast: Podcast Player is a new addition to iOS that comes from the maker of Instapaper, and provides a clean, yet feature rich podcast client. The first thing you… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, July 15, 2014 0 App Pick

There’s nothing quite like a lumberjack with their bushy beards, flannel shirts, and sheer power in chopping down trees. Now, you can play as a lumberjack in the game Timberman, which is all about cutting down trees. It’s a simple arcade action experience where you tap on either side of the screen to chop off… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, July 14, 2014 1 App Pick

Your iOS device is capable of all kinds of interactive features, but sometimes you just want to sit back and relax. That’s exactly what the app Breeze can provide with realistic wind chimes. Breeze uses the Unity engine to provide ultra authentic 3D design and physics engine to make the on-screen wind chimes as close… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, July 11, 2014 0 App Pick

There is a lot of creative potential on your iOS device thanks to the over one million apps in the App Store. One app in particular that highlights that notion is Thisissand, which isn’t new, but we did just discover it. Thisissand offers a blank canvas, and gives you sand as the artistic medium allowing… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, July 10, 2014 0 App Pick

Nothing like making burgers during the summer time, and now you can make pixel burgers in the new iOS game, Pixel Burger. It’s a simple arcade game where you stack up specific ingredients to build burgers to order. It’s a bit like Sky Burger, but with a drag, and drop set-up that focuses much more… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, July 9, 2014 0 App Pick

The iPhone camera becomes more capable with each new generation of the device, and there are new apps that continue to take it to new heights. Apple offers the essentials with their stock camera app, but if you’re looking for more, then there are plenty of choices in the App Store. ReplayCam comes from the… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, July 8, 2014 Comments Off App Pick

Time is on a sliding scale, and it changes based upon where you are in the world. There are a number of apps to help you keep track of time, and is an intriguing one. The app offers a clear nightstand style display to show the current time, and you can add multiple other… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, July 7, 2014 Comments Off App Pick

The Apple TV, and AirPlay have so much untapped potential, but Apple still just leaves the technology hanging out to dry. Motion Tennis for Apple TV is trying to tap that potential, while showing off the possibilities at the same time. Think Wii Tennis, but with your iPhone, and Apple TV. You simply start up… Read More »