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By Trevor Sheridan, August 19, 2014 0 App Pick

There are tons of ways to communicate, and e-mail is one that has remained, even with all of the new choices. There are plenty of iOS e-mail apps, and CloudMagic is another that is trying to stand apart from the crowd. The first thing you notice about the app is that is supports Gmail, Exchange,… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, August 18, 2014 0 App Pick

The Metropolitan Museum of Art stands at 82nd & 5th Ave. in New York, and has quite the collection. The new app, 82nd & Fifth from the Met, provides an overview of some of the pieces in their extensive collection. The app includes 100 different works of art, and each one is narrated by one… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, August 15, 2014 0 App Pick

Stamps are a dying breed with the decline of traditional postage mail as people increasingly opt for e-mail, social media, or instant messaging for communication. Mail seems to now be reserved for either junk, special event correspondences, or Netflix. Special event correspondences are the best use of traditional mail whether you’re sending a birthday card,… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, August 14, 2014 0 App Pick

A dichotomy is defined as “a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different”. The new game Happy Cube Death Arena is a perfect example as you get to play as a cute little blue happy cube who is in a death arena filled with various… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, August 13, 2014 0 App Pick

There are literally tons of photo effects apps with new ones entering the App Store all the time. EyeEm has been in the store awhile, but got new life thanks to the most recent update that completely redesigns the app. There’s an all new interface to highlight photos above all else, including a full screen… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, August 12, 2014 0 App Pick

One of the best childhood memories is making art whether it’s finger painting, water color, or spin art. All three techniques are so easy, and yet can create such neat looking artwork. You can now create your own spin art on your iOS device, and it’s as effortless as can be. Simply flick the canvas… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, August 8, 2014 0 App Pick

There’s a lot to keep track of in our daily lives, and there are quite a few apps that can potentially help. Fetchnotes is another alternative that just received a major update yesterday to completely change the usability of the app. The app focuses on note taking above all else, but now includes reminders directly integrated… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, August 7, 2014 0 App Pick

Challenges come in many forms, and in the case of the new iOS game 99 Challenges!, they all come consecutively. The game is set-up as a floor based challenge, where each floor spans the length of your iOS device screen. It’s an intense dedicated challenge taken one floor at a time, where you have to… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, August 6, 2014 Comments Off App Pick

Kids apps are gaining a lot of notoriety on the App Store, and it’s no wonder why with some of the quality available. Miximal is an intriguing offering from the makers of Drawnimal, that lets you mix animals in fun, and clever ways. The screen is split three ways, allowing for the head, body, and… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, August 5, 2014 Comments Off App Pick

There are so many matching games that look so similar, and it can be tough to tell some apart. Who Stole Me? is a new iteration that is looking to stand out with an all new form that integrates physics into the core mechanic of the game. The game board is composed of a group… Read More »