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By Trevor Sheridan, April 18, 2014 0 App Pick

One of the best new features of the iPhone 5S is the M7 motion co-processor, which allows for all new activity tracking potential. The best part is that the M7 works in the background to store motion information while using a lot less battery in the way it’s designed, and not relying on GPS. A… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, April 17, 2014 0 App Pick

There are so many apps released on a weekly basis, and some fall through the cracks for various reasons. Globo looked like a stand out when it launched back in February, and now it’s time to highlight it. The app gives you a world clock in a beautifully designed package, so you can easily check… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, April 16, 2014 0 App Pick

There are tons of task managers on the App Store, but there’s always room for more if they’re worthwhile. EveryDay ToDo is a new to-do app that focuses on merging simplicity, and functionality in one. The app lets you create a simple task list, and from there you can add due dates, reminders, subtasks, notes,… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, April 15, 2014 0 App Pick

Newspapers are a dying breed with the popularity of online content, and mobile devices. One piece of the newspaper that hasn’t really translated, is the crossword puzzle. There are plenty of apps that have attempted to make crosswords for iOS, but none have really stood-out, nor made easier to use than a newspaper with pen/pencil…. Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, April 14, 2014 0 App Pick

Depending on your line of work, you can meet with a number of different people on any given day. Refresh is a new app to be an aid when meeting new people to give you a little insight on who you’re talking to. It’s a pretty neat idea, so rather than small talk that rehashes… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, April 11, 2014 0 App Pick

The brick breaker genre has possibly seen more variations than any other genre since the original Breakout. There have been numerous iOS versions as well, but there’s always room for another one, if it offers an interesting twist. Breakfinity is a new brick breaker that comes from the maker of Galcon, and focuses on intense… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, April 10, 2014 0 App Pick

The Masters is the biggest golf tournament of the year, and one of the most historic sporting events there is. The tournament runs from Thursday through Sunday, and players have just started teeing off this morning of the opening round. You can follow all of the action live on your iOS device with the excellently… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, April 9, 2014 0 App Pick

In 2012, Dropbox updated their iOS app with a PhotoStream style photo syncing service to Dropbox’s cloud. Today, they have fleshed out the service, and created a stand alone app known as Carousel by Dropbox. Carousel works a lot like the photo backup portion of Dropbox, but there’s a much greater focus on a gallery… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, April 8, 2014 0 App Pick

There’s nothing easy about being a parent, so anything that could help is worth paying attention to. PiggyBot is an app designed to replace traditional allowances, and instead focuses on virtual balances. The main idea is that virtual balances are meant to inspire smart money habits in kids, and then parents can always know how… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, April 7, 2014 0 App Pick

Going to the movies is an enjoyable pastime, and there are plenty of apps to help you find showtimes, whether it’s Apple’s iTunes Movie Trailers, Movies by Flixster, Fandango, and more. Cinest is a new app for finding showtimes that is high on style, and ease of use. The app launches with a scene that… Read More »