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By Noah Cosimano-White, November 5, 2014 Comments Off on Starwood Hotels Keyless Entry Opens Doors For iPhone Owners Apple Watch, iPhone News

Earlier this year, Starwood announced that they would be bringing room keys to iPhones, Android phones, and soon Apple Watches using Bluetooth low energy. They call the feature “Keyless”, and it’s now available today at 10 select hotels around the world (Beijing, Cancun, Cupertino, Harlem, Doha, Hollywood, Hong Kong, New York City, and Singapore). Starwood Hotels… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, September 10, 2014 Comments Off on Introducing The Apple Watch, It’s About Time Apple Watch, iPhone, Special Event

Going into the September 9th event, it was widely expected to be the iPhone 6 event. It turned out to be more the Apple Watch event, as it easily stole the show. Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the Apple Watch as “One More Thing…” to a standing ovation, but it just wasn’t a little addition… Read More »

By Noah Cosimano-White, September 9, 2014 Comments Off on iPhone 6 Event: Apple Watch Emphasizes Fitness Apple Watch, iPhone, Special Event

Ever since WWDC 2014, we saw that Apple is moving towards health. Today with Apple Watch, they have moved another step forward. Apple Watch came out today with 3 styles; Apple Watch, Apple Watch Edition, and Apple Watch Sport. Apple Watch Sport is 50x more durable, but every Apple Watch comes with both a fitness… Read More »

By Noah Cosimano-White, August 27, 2014 Comments Off on iWatch Reportedly To Be With iPhone 6 At September 9th Event Apple Rumors, Apple Watch

Re/code, the website that broke news about a September 9th Apple press event, has made a change to their previous report about the iWatch being announced at Apple’s press event that will be held in October. The website now clames that the iWatch will debue alongside both iPhone 6 modles at the company’s September 9th… Read More »

By Noah Cosimano-White, July 22, 2014 Comments Off on Apple Granted iTime Patent Which Could Show The Actual iWatch Apple Rumors, Apple Watch

Today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a patent that shows what essentially could be the iWatch. The patent shows a wrist worn device with a sensor filled wristband strap and wireless connectivity for the device to work alongside other products. The iTime patent continues on by describing how the device would connect to… Read More »

By Noah Cosimano-White, June 20, 2014 Comments Off on iWatch Rumors: 2.5″ Screen, Ten Sensors, October Launch, And More Apple Rumors, Apple Watch

So many iWatch Rumors hit the web today! Here they are. 1. iWatch with Wireless Charging and a Pulse Sensor to Begin Production in July According to this report from Reuters, the Apple iWatch will feature a 2.5 inch display with a very slightly longer screen making it a little rectangular. This report also claims that… Read More »

By Daniel Mason, April 9, 2014 Comments Off on iWatch To Come With AMOLED Display, Two Sizes, For $1,000? Apple Rumors, Apple Watch

We’re getting into that time of the year when the Apple rumor mill really starts to pick up speed. We know WWDC will be June 2nd – 4th with iOS 8 in tow, and that means we’re also expecting new devices to run the new mobile operating system. A lot has been revealed already about… Read More »

By Daniel Mason, February 17, 2014 Comments Off on Will The iWatch Be Able To Predict Heart Attacks? Apple Rumors, Apple Watch

The iWatch is likely launching sometime in 2014, and before it launches it can be capable of anything. It could make calls, track your activity, get notifications, replicate food, act as a matter transporter, cure cancer, and even predict heart attacks. Now, some of those sound like science fiction, but it turns out that predicting… Read More »

By Noah Cosimano-White, February 6, 2014 1 Apple Rumors, Apple Watch

Over the past year and a half many news sites have been heavily reporting on what amounts to just rumors on the highly anticipated Apple iWatch. As with all rumors, they should be taken with a grain of salt. Nobody will quite know that the Cupertino based tech giant has in store for us until… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, January 24, 2014 Comments Off on Is This Apple’s Rumored iWatch? We Hope So Apple Rumors, Apple Watch

Is this a leaked image of Apple’s iWatch? No, but we wish it was. The included imagery is actual a concept designed by Todd Hamilton, and he based his idea on a mockup from Dribble. The main idea is the combination of a Nike Fuelband, and the iOS 7 interface, and the results couldn’t be… Read More »