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By Trevor Sheridan, July 19, 2012 Comments Off on Apple Awarded Massive iPhone UI Patent, Including Multi-touch Apple News, Patents

The patent battle between technology companies continues to intensify, and makes many question the entire patent system. Apple has been at the forefront of the patent battles and attacks, and they have just received a brand new patent that is quite considerable. The patent is number 8,223,134, entitled “Portable electronic device, method, and graphical user… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, January 5, 2012 Comments Off on Thunderbolt Port Potentially Coming To iOS According To New Apple Patents Patents

Apple submits multiple patents at a relatively fast pace, and three new ones have been reveled today by Patently Apple. There are three main patents that point towards Thunderbolt coming to iOS devices in the future. Thunderbolt is the newest high speed data transfer technology from Intel that made its first appearance on Apple’s Mac… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, May 31, 2011 Comments Off on Lodsys Officially Files Lawsuit Against Third Party App Developers Patents

If Lodsys is anything, they’re punctual. In fact, they actually have pushed their timetable forward, and have officially filed suit against some individual app developers. According to Lodsys, they “chose to move its litigation timing to an earlier date than originally planned, in response to Apple’s threat, in order to preserve its legal options.” Lodsys… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, May 23, 2011 1 Patents

After two weeks, Apple sent a letter to Lodsys, LLC requesting the company stop their patent infringement claims, and withdraw the letters demanding App developers get licenses with Lodsys to use their technology. On May 13th, Lodsys sent letters to a select few developers claiming that they infringed upon their patent on the “upgrade button”…. Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, May 17, 2011 1 Patents

Good news for everyone connected to the App Store. Apple is reportedly not going to just sit back and wait to see what happens with the Lodsys patent infringement case. Apple’s legal department is said to be, “actively investigating” Lodsys claims regarding their patent as it relates to in-app purchases. Apple is expected to research… Read More »

By Trevor Sheridan, May 16, 2011 4 Patents

Lodsys, LLC has chosen to use their blog to explain their perspective, and reasoning behind issuing legal threats to independent iOS developers. The biggest take away from their Q&A posts is that Apple already has a license for the patent. Lodsys claims, “The scope of their current licenses does NOT enable them to provide “pixie… Read More »