2014 iPad Event: In-Depth Look At What To Expect

Just over a month ago, we were all preparing for a big iPhone event, and we got it with the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, Apple Pay, and Apple Watch. Now, we’re at it again with another Apple event, this one on October 16th, and focusing on the iPad. We got new iPads last October with the iPad Air, and retina iPad mini. This year, we expect sequels to both devices, though with more modest upgrades. That’s not all, as Apple has Mac OS X Yosemite ready to go, and that should include new Mac hardware. Apple Pay should also get final details, and launch info alongside iOS 8.1. With all that in mind, we’re here to give you our final analysis of what to expect to be revealed tomorrow morning starting at 10AM Pacific.

iPad Air 2:

The iPad Air is lightened the load of Apple’s 9.7” tablet, and the sequel should refine the new lighter package. That begins with the new A8X processor alongside 2 GB RAM with the X designation pointing to quad core graphics of the A8 chip on the iPhone 6 line. The device should also gain the TouchID fingerprint sensor from the iPhone 5S/6/6Plus. The iPad Air 2 will also likely get a camera upgrade to the 8 megapixel sensor from the 5S, as compared to the existing 5 megapixel version. The form factor should remain the same, though the gold color option will likely enter the mix to match up with the three colors on the iPhone with white/silver, white/gold, and black/space grey. Another potential new addition is anti-reflective coating for better viewing in direct sunlight.

The pricing structure should stay the same, but Apple could potentially go to replicating the iPad line of 16GB/$499, 64GB/$599, and 128GB/$699. In terms of availability, the iPad Air 2 should be up for pre-order this Friday the 17th, and in people’s hands the following Friday the 24th.

iPad mini 3:

The iPad mini with retina display is likely to offer a similar update as the iPad Air 2, though maybe not as substantial. TouchID inclusion is a given, and it’s likely the A8X chip joins along as well. The camera system, and RAM upgrades aren’t as likely of the mini line, though still a possibility. Apple will focus on the bigger iPad this year, but the iPad mini will still get a little love. Also, expect similar pricing, storage, and color options as well as availability.

iPad Air 1 & iPad mini 2:

The iPad Air 2 & iPad mini 3 are coming, but Apple will probably keep the previous generations around. The iPad Air 16GB could be maintained to then sell at $399 for a more affordable option. The original iPad mini will also stay around to be sold for $299, for the 16GB option.


The iPad event won’t just be about iPads, as Apple has another product line in need of updating. There are a number of Mac updates expected beginning with a final overview, and release date of OS X Yosemite. Apple’s latest version of their desktop operating software has gone through the beta process to reach golden master status to be ready for the public, and now it’s just a matter of the final details. Yosemite includes an all new design that leverages parts of iOS 7 including translucent windows, flat menu items, and a new system wide font. Most of the OS is relatively the same with just subtle design tweaks for a cleaner look, and feel. The new OS also comes with an enhanced Notification Center with widget support, a more powerful Spotlight, and a streamlined Safari browser. The biggest new addition is Continuity, highlighted by Handoff, which lets you seamlessly move from Mac to iOS, and back again. The finality of OS X Yosemite will lead to details on iOS 8.1

Beyond software, new hardware is expected in the form of subtle enhancements to the iMac, Mac mini, and MacBook Air line. Each will have changes, but unlikely to be big additions like retina displays, or new form factors.

iOS 8.1:

This one will be surprisingly big, as it ties up a lot of loose ends. The biggest part of iOS 8.1 is Apple Pay to activate the new NFC technology in the iPhone 6/6Plus. Now you will be able to start paying at select retailers with credit/debit cards stored on your new iPhone.

iOS 8.1 will also include updates to work with OS X Yosemite for the new continuity, and Handoff features.

Since this is an iPad event, it’s likely that the iPad Air 2 updates of the A8X chip, and 2GB of RAM are for the long rumored multi-tasking on iPad. The reason it wasn’t announced at WWDC is because it needs the new hardware exclusive to the iPad Air 2, and not an update to existing iPads.


Apple has a lot to go over in their second event in as many months. We will have new iPads, new Macs, new Mac software, and new iOS software with big stalwart features, and initiatives.


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