2014 iPad Event Wishlist: What We Want To See

The 2014 iPad event is mere hours away, and while we wait, we can sit back and daydream about what the next device could hold. There are plenty of rumors and speculation, but the list below is based on pure desire. We will have a separate article of what to realistically expect, but this is a wishlist of what could be. The best part of the pre-event, before 10 AM October 16th, is that anything is possible. With that in mind, we have a wishlist of our own of what we want to see Apple reveal tomorrow.

Haptic Display: The more I read, and see about a Haptic display, the more it seems absolutely perfect. It’s the only feature that could drastically change the usability of the device. Imagine if you had tactile feedback on a touch screen to truly interact with the materials that are shown on screen. You could actually feel different aspects of what’s displayed on screen, and it would change using the iPad keyboard more than anything else. It could also have a number of other applications including drawing apps, game joysticks, and new apps made to use it.

New Storage Choices: Wouldn’t it be great if the $499 iPad started at 32GB instead of 16GB? Apple offers a 128GB option for the iPad line, but maybe Apple could rework the whole system to just be 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB at $499, $599, and $699 respectively. 16GB just isn’t that much these days with the weight of all these great new apps. Also, hopefully the iPad is better than the iPhone storage line-up of 16, 64, and 128.

New iPad Specific iOS 8 features (aka multi-tasking): We’re hoping to see iOS 8.1 with new iPad specific functionality. We would like to see a two finger swipe from the right to bring up notification center, similar to on the Mac. Also, imagine if specific Apple apps like Mail, Calendar, Safari, and Pages could run side by side in a special landscape mode in iOS 8. It was rumored before WWDC in June, and it may be possible tomorrow. Perhaps, multi-tasking on iPad needed a new processor, and more RAM to handle it, and both are also expected for the iPad Air 2.
New & Improved Smart Cover: The Smart Cover is a neat accessory as it auto-wakes the device when opening the flap, and can fold into two different forms to stand your iPad in different orientations. It’s time to take it to the next level, and the obvious addition is an integrated keyboard similar to Microsoft’s touch cover, and the ASUS transformer snap-on keyboard. We want more than just a keyboard though, and Apple has a patent out there showing plenty of potential. We would love to a see a Smart Cover with a solar panel, and inductive charging capabilities, to always power your new iPad. Also, the cover could have an e-ink display to show notifications, time, and weather info on the Smart Cover without actually opening the device. All of these feature rolled into the current Smart Cover foldable style would be an amazing accessory.

An Anti-Glare Screen Option: Wouldn’t this be a nice option? The MacBook Pros now have a matte/anti-glare screen option, so maybe Apple can work this feature into the iPad as well.

A More Powerful Speaker System: A second speaker as part of a more powerful system would do wonders for the iPad experience by making it generally more immersive audio experience for movies, games, music, and more.
Mini Projector: Rather than streaming your content to an AppleTV via AirPlay, you could just have a mini projector built-in. Then you could show videos, presentations, and more on any empty wall.

3D Display: Wouldn’t it be amazing if depth was added to the screen, so you could see deep into movies and games? If the Nintendo 3DS and HTC Evo 3D can do non-glasses 3D, then so can Apple especially at the 4” screen size. It would be amazing to see, and the app possibilities would be off the charts.

Holographic Keyboard: How about if you could simply swipe on the keyboard, and the device sends out a holographic version of a full size keyboard. Then you could simply type on the holographic keyboard, and the laser sensors could pick up exactly where you type as you use a full sized keyboard. It’s a wishlist after all, and the video below puts it into perspective.

Rubber-band Electronics: This is a wishlist after all, and this video concept is absolutely mind blowing. Imagine if your iPhone hardware resized. I want this.

A Surprise: This is the one we wish for the most. Something new, that isn’t expected in any regard.

Retina Macbook Air: The Macbook Air hasn’t got a substantial update since 2011, and the retina Macbook Pro line sure looks appealing. Combining both could create the best laptop Apple offers, as the current 13″ Retina Macbook pro is still a half pound heavier than the current Macbook Air. This event is likely to be about more than just the iPad with the launch Of mac OS X Yosemite, and we need some new Macs for it to run on.

Retina iMac: The iMac line could also benefit from a retina display, though these would be harder to produce with the sheer size of 21″ & 27″ models. New Macs are definitely on our wishlist though.

Apple TV Set: This is a requirement to put on any Apple related list right? Well here it is, and if it’s a TV where I could say put on the Laker game, and record Castle, and the set does it, that’s the only TV I would ever need. Actually, any update to the Apple TV box would be great to see tomorrow.

Finalizing any wishlist, would be the Apple holodeck, transporter, and replicator.


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