App Store Rip-Offs Continue, Now With Pokemon Despite Apple Approval Process

The App Store is really losing its luster over the past few weeks with many blatant rip-offs or just plain scams coming to light. We thought Apple had an actual approval staff that approved each app, but it just doesn’t seem true with some of these apps. It’s amazing they even make it in to the App Store never the less last as long as they do. Whether it’s Temple Jump instead of Temple Run, apps storing contact info, Zynga’s version of Tiny Tower, or now copyright infringing Pokemon apps there’s a definite problem in the App Store.

Apple finally removed Temple Run as well as the rest of that developer’s apps, but it took them until the app reached #1. One of the main complaints of Apple is their closed system, and their App Store approval process. Now it seems to be failing, and the App Store is resembling the Android Marketplace with 20 versions of the same iOS app that the actual developers haven’t made for Android yet. It’s sad to see that Apple is letting these app through, and even sadder to see the proliferation of app ignorance from iOS users. Having rip-off and scam apps in the App Store is one thing, but to have them reach the top selling charts will always be mind boggling.

Despite the fact that so many iOS users click buy after only reading the title, the App Store does need some widespread change. Currently there is Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon World, and Pokemon – Pocket Edition in the App Store which all insinuate that they’re the real deal. In fact Pokemon Yellow has convinced enough people to reach the top 5 paid apps, and Pokemon World is in the top 200. Even with all the one star ratings, lack of screenshots, shallow description, and non-Nintendo developer name, these apps keep being purchased.

Just the first line of the description of each app says it all:

Pokemon Pocket Edition: “Marking the Pokémon series’ glorious debut on the Appstore”

Pokemon Yellow: “‘Just like the Original. Love it!’ It’s Finally Arrived!”

Pokemon World: “The ultimate Pokémon quest comes to life with Pokémon: World Version!”

How exactly did these Pokemon games make it through Apple’s approval process as they clearly are an infringement of copyright of a very well known brand. They have also all been released in the past few days which makes it even odder. From the app icon to the screenshots you can tell it’s a rip-off, and these apps have probably used bots to reach their position too. These Pokemon apps are the epitome of the problems with the App Store, and can be the downfall of the entire ecosystem as these problems keep popping up.

Apple has plans for a great iPad 3, iPhone 5, and iOS 6, but if the App Store isn’t fundamentally changed it really takes the luster off of Apple’s upcoming iOS offerings.


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