Apple Can’t Rest On Its Laurels In 2013

2012 was a prolific year for Apple with new versions across almost their entire product line. 2013 is a brand new time for Apple to shine, and it can’t just rest on its laurels. This is a big transition year, because the influence of Steve Jobs is slowly further away in the rearview mirror, and any plans for the future can only go into so much detail as we move years down the road. Apple is a bustling company with all kinds of innovative minds, and they all need to step up for something fresh in 2013.

Apple’s impact on the tech scene is lessening because they have been content to rest on their laurels for a couple of years, so other companies have caught up, and in some instances, surpassed Apple’s offerings. They can’t afford another year of clear and reserved upgrade paths. Apple has to take risks in 2013, because that’s what their company is known for, and in 2012 especially, they just seemed to be followers.

It’s time for internal upgrades of new processors, memory, and cameras for their iOS and Mac lines, but we would like something new. This may be the year that Apple should forgo the iPhone 5S with the same exterior, and different interior. The MacBook Air is Apple’s best Mac seller, and it’s time for a new look. The iPad needs something to take it to the next level, and distinguish it from the iPhone and iPad mini beyond screen size.

With so many hardware elements blending together, it’s the software that can truly distinguish Apple. This may be the biggest year for iOS since its inception, and there are new eyes on the entire development of iOS 7. OS X also needs more than just features brought over from iOS. It seems the big competitors are taking risks, while Apple has a slow and methodical approach to new products and upgrades. 2013 is not the year to continue that plan, and we will see how Apple responds for the next 12 months.


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