Apple Launches Smaller Products With Even Smaller Interest

Apple’s “Let Us Loop You In” event is now complete, and now we have the official details on the iPhone SE, 9.7” iPad Pro, and new Apple watch bands. Apple essentially made smaller versions of their existing products, and the event largely went exactly as expected. The main takeaway is that the event didn’t seem to be worth hosting, as everything Apple announced could have been sent out as a simple press release. The products aren’t insignificant, there’s just little interest in stage time for the 6S minus 3D touch in a 4” body, the iPad Pro in a 9.7” form factor, and a few new colors of bands for the Apple Watch that dropped in price in anticipation of the second generation.
None of the announcements could stand on their own at any time in the year, and combining them together doesn’t help matters. Apple couldn’t go into detail on many of the features of anything they announced, because they already had the first time all these features were announced for their bigger counterparts. To fill time, Apple even decided to go over every minor addition in iOS 9.3 as well as tvOS 9.2, with the features already announced at the start of the year. If the products were bland, the start of the event was even more so. Someone at Apple decided it was a good idea to include a positive PR image at the start to show Apple’s stance of privacy, the environment, and Health Care.

This was Apple’s worst event to date simply because nothing that was presented actually deserved an event. Some may be interested in a 4” version of the iPhone 6S, but the lack of Force Touch, and unknown upgrade cycle make it a tough sell. The iPad Air 3 could have probably been ready last year, but instead it’s rebranded as the iPad Pro to launch in March of this year. iPad sales have declined for eight consecutive quarters, and sadly the 12.9” size isn’t what kept people from buying the iPad Pro. Apple did find a way to inflate the price to $599 at the starting point, $749 for a usable device with 128GB storage, and a nice $250 accessory tax for the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil. The iPad still doesn’t do anything different on the software side, and that’s the main hurdle, though the added pricing isn’t far behind. Through the entire event, Apple’s Liam robot, which can disassemble iPhones was probably the most interesting item.

Apple hosted an event that had no business being hosted, and it honestly takes a little more sheen off the brand.


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