Apple Music Hands-On Video Walkthrough

Apple Music is now available as part of iOS 8.4. It launches with a three month free trial to let you test all that is has to offer before deciding to spend $9.99/month for the service. The heart of Apple Music is to combine the songs you already have in your iTunes library with access to every song in the iTunes Store. It’s all about on demand streaming without being limited to what you own. Apple is also offering a 24/7 live radio station in the form of Beats1. You can also access @Connect to follow updates from your favorite musical artists.

Apple Music is part of a redesigned music app in iOS 8.4. When you sign up for a free trial, you’re greeted with an array of dots to choose for your favorite genres and artists. The service identifies your choices, and generates suggestions of music you might like in the new “For You” tab. Apple Music is very similar to the previous Beats Music service with the recommendation engine of potential playlists you might like. There are also tabs for what’s new, Radio, @Connect, and your existing music. If you browse your existing music, you can create new stations smart playlists from your songs, download for offload listening, or add as next in your playlist. There’s also a new mini player that sits above the tabs to let you control music playback while browsing everything else in Apple Music.

Enjoy our hands-on video below of Apple Music in action.


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