Apple On Display At The LA Auto Show

Apple has yet to enter the auto industry with an iCar, but their impact was still noticeable at the LA Auto Show. There are new 2013 models from every auto manufacturer on display, and almost every single one of them has a screen sitting right next to them with details about the car. All of those screens are iPads holstered into stands, and allowing anyone to tap to find out the car trim options, engine details, MPG, pricing, and more. There were also some interactive elements, videos, and other types of information all available on iPads, as they become the standard display piece at shows, in stores, and in other work environments.

It’s interesting to see how popular the iPad has become, as they were the screens that were used, and not any other tablets or in-house built displays. iPads are easy to set-up with the auto information, and they’re also familiar to anyone passing by, and it’s another instance of Apple’s growing impact. On top of iPads, many booths also featured iMacs with even more information. You wouldn’t think that an auto show would be a place for Apple, but that’s exactly what it turned out to be.

The idea is extended even further in how each auto manufacturer understands the impact, and connection the iPhone has on the auto industry, but that’s for another article.


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