The Apple Watch Is Apple’s Most Exciting Announcement In Years

September 9th, 2014 was scheduled to be the iPhone 6 event to give us truly big screened iPhones. There also was supposed to be a little bit of something about Apple’s planned smartwatch. Once the event concluded, it was clear that the Apple Watch was the star of the show, but it’s more than that. There was clear excitement in the air, and I even felt it when the reveal video was shown to depict the first look at Apple’s first new product since 2010. Apple hasn’t generated much excitement over the past few years with minor updates to iPhones, iPads, and iOS, but that definitely changed with the Apple Watch.
Even putting it as “One More Thing…” garnered a standing ovation, and then the introduction to show off the curves of the watch display, the craftsmanship of the stainless steel body, and the details of the various watch bands couldn’t help but build excitement. Also, Apple did a great job in showing the watch six months ahead of releases before leaks could hamper the excitement, which was clearly the case with the new iPhones. This is the first time in recent memory where Apple actually showed off forethought, and innovation to give us both precision crafting, and cutting edge software in a small package to fit on your wrist. Lately, Apple has gotten lost in giving features that fit a feature checklist, rather than abilities that would fit in your daily life. That changed with the Apple Watch as Apple showed a number of use cases to show the worth of such a device.

What Apple really nailed was creating a watch in the materials they used, and the fit, and finish applied. When you look at the sapphire crystal covering curving off at the edges while connected to the premium bands, you can’t help but like the look. The fitness bands are on the questionable side, but they do have their use cases, and Apple did give us choices like never before. The watches Apple showed provide an intrinsic inspiration in the desire of a device that Apple hasn’t had since the original iPhone. By providing choices of clock faces, app customization, and most importantly watch bands, the Apple Watch can have varying appeals depending on who’s looking at it. It’s a rarity for Apple to have more than one size fits all, and that even ties into the 38mm, and 42mm layouts, which aren’t unnecessarily big to emphasize the touch screen. Again, Apple made a watch first, and foremost, and that’s highlighted by keeping the dial on the side, and maintaining its usefulness, but in a whole new way.
Apple has a tight rope to walk in showing the usefulness of a smart watch as no company has been able to show the benefit of having an extension of your phone on your wrist. They also have to fight the trend of people stop using wrist watches, but they have quite a fighter in their corner. Apple has gone the furthest down the road to show the potential usefulness of such a device. They positioned it to be a valuable addition to your digital lifestyle, and you could actually picture it on your wrist, and how you would use it. There’s the obvious activity tracking components, and notifications, but Apple showed quite a few unexpected apps, and use cases. Not all are great, but there’s so much potential with WatchKit, and third party developers already indicated by checking into your flight, unlocking your hotel room, and making purchases.

What Apple has on their hands is something that you want to have on your wrist, and use in unexpected ways both before this event, and to come when developers start harnessing all that’s included. Apple has done a great job in creating the design, and the technology having the digital crown, touch interface, pulse sensor, haptic feedback, and force touch display using all new input methods perfectly tailored to your wrist. The Apple Watch isn’t for everyone, but it sure has everyone talking with some having the same submissive tone as with the iPad, and iPhone, so you know it’s going to be good. There’s a whole lot to be intrigued by with Apple pushing the smart watch ahead to actually be considered, and not just nuance for the sake of a new product category. It’s not perfect, and has obvious shortcomings, and unknowns as would any first generation that isn’t even a finished product for another six months. Yet it’s an exciting new beginning that can usher in a new way of computing, or be a complete failure, but be intensely intriguing no matter what.

The main takeaway isn’t the naysayers, or the overly positive Apple optimists, but rather the wide appeal of the varying watchbands, and the multiple use cases that excite the eye of the beholder like no Apple product before it.


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