Dear Apple, Make A Thicker iPhone With Double Battery Life

Dear Apple,

The iPhone continues to be the most popular smartphone on the market, but wouldn’t it be better to give consumers another choice. Right now, there’s only one current generation iPhone in either black or white with various storage sizes. You can go for older/cheaper models, but if you want the latest device there’s only one iPhone to pick. Apple, why do you think one size fits all for the iPhone with a focus on thinness, lightweight, glass/aluminum, and a 4” screen.

Apple, why don’t you give us a choice of a new iPhone model that provides double the battery life of the iPhone 5. If you want double the battery life, you would have to have a thicker/heavier iPhone, but at least give us the choice. Would it really be that detrimental to Apple’s ideology to offer two iPhone models with one being the latest cutting edge thin and light smartphone, and the other being more functional, but foregoing the ultra high quality design? I’m sure a number of potential, and existing customers would forego a few mm of thickness, and a few grams of weight to have more battery.

No matter what the iPhone is capable of, it doesn’t matter if there’s no charge. The battery may be the most essential feature, because every aspect of the iPhone is contingent upon the battery. You can only cram so much battery into such a thin and light device, but greater size, provides more room for a battery life. The best part is that you’re not sacrificing battery for size or vice versa, and instead offering both options. Also, making things smaller and smaller increases costs, so increasing the size of the overall iPhone may offset costs of a bigger battery. It doesn’t even have to be double the battery life, just simply an iPad like battery life.

We know you love your advertising points, “the thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever”, and that doesn’t have to change, we’re just asking for another model in addition to the thinnest and lightest iPhone.



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