Disco Zoo – Five Tips To Keep The Party Going

disco_zooDisco Zoo is partying on a number of iOS devices, and we all want the party to continue. The game offers a casual simulation with subtle puzzle elements allowing you to collect various animal types to fill your zoo. You get to keep unlocking new locations to discover new animal types, and each animal helps you earn coins to go out, and get some more. The puzzle mechanic works a bit like Battleship as you search a five by five grid trying to find the location of animal tiles. Each animal comes in a unique shape, and you need to find the complete Tetris style piece to adopt the animal into your zoo. Once your zoo is filled up, you can then start a disco party to earn even more coins, and simply enjoying watching your animals dancing around under the lights.

The game appears extremely simple on the surface, but there are some subtle layers of complexity. We’re here to help you enjoy Disco Zoo as much as possible with five tips to keep your party going.
1.) Write down the puzzle shapes
Each animal corresponds to a shape composed of a few tiles, and it can be tough to remember the shape of the horse, kangaroo, lion, and all of the others. You can spend $2.99 to unlock the encyclopedia, or you can just get out a piece of paper to jot down the form of each animal. That way when an elephant appears next time, you can just check your paper to see you need to form an upside down L for the elephant tiles. When you have the shapes at the ready, you won’t end up wasting your moves while trying to remember if the shape is vertical, horizontal, or separated. You only have ten moves, so knowing the shapes is key.

2.) Maximize each rescue mission
You usually have two animals to shoot for in each mission, and those animals are generated randomly. You can just run missions over, and over, but the one obstacle is that each mission is more expensive. The first mission in the outback may cost 500 coins, but each successive mission goes up, so you soon will have 1,000 coin missions looking for the same animals. With that in mind, you want to maximize your missions, so that you collect all of the animals in a given mission. It’s worth it to go for all of the animals now, rather than spend more coins to go for the same animals later. Also, as you advance on a particular mission, you knock out the wrong tiles, while starting a new mission gives you a brand new 5 x 5 grid.

3.) Take advantage of the video ads
The makers of Disco Zoo were quite kind in offering you the ability to continue a mission after your ten moves. It’s disappointing to find three of the four tiles of an animal only to run out of moves before you can collect that fourth tile. You can get five more moves by either spending the premium in-game currency disco bucks, or watching a video ad. The video ads are usually only about ten seconds, and they let you freely get five more moves without burning through your disco bucks, which you can save for disco time. The developer’s make some good money on video ads, so everyone wins, and all you have to give up is ten seconds, and you can even mute the volume of your device. The video ads greatly enhance the ability of tip two to enhance your rescue missions.
4.) Focus on collecting the same type of animals
There are tons of different types of animals in Disco Zoo with six new species in each of the seven environments. Rather than building a wide ranging zoo, it’s much better to stock up on the same animal type. Getting 20 pigs is much better than having five koala bears, five cows, five giraffes, and five beavers. Big exhibits of the same animal earn you more money, and as you collect the same animal type you can get to the point where you can free animals, unlock a garden for your zoo, and earn trophies. Plus you get to see tons of cute little pixel art versions of the animals that all respond to your finger, and disco party.

5.) Level up your exhibits
More animals means you can level up the exhibits, and each level up means your exhibit earns more coins, and the animals stay awake for longer. The entire game revolves around the animals earning coins for each minute they’re awake, so earning more coins for a longer period is obviously a good thing. There are five levels per exhibit, with each one adding more coins per minute, and more minutes of awake time. It’s much easier to go on new missions when you have big earning exhibits that don’t require you to wake up your animals as often. It’s much better to level up one animal, than to collect a wide variety because the upper level entry exhibits will help you easily unlock new variety later on.

Disco Zoo (Free, Universal) looks basic at the beginning, but there’s a lot you can draw from it as you build up your zoo. Hopefully these tips can help you build up a great zoo that can be freely upgraded.


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