Dissecting Apple’s September 7th Event Invite

Yesterday, Apple sent invites for their September 7th event. Everyone is expecting to see the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus. Apple continues their trend of an invite that is subtle, understated, and to the point with the tagline, “Hey Siri, give us a hint”. The invite always offers clues as to what will be discussed, and it’s always great to dissect the invite trying to find everything that it holds.

The main piece of the invite is the tagline, which states “See you on the 7th”. There’s the obvious indication of the statement, but could there be additional meaning? One possibility is that the iPhone 7 could literally see you with a new face scanner. Apple could enhance the biometric security of the iPhone with a retina scanner. The various colors of the invite combined with the tagline could tie to scanning your iris. Speaking of the colored circles that make up the Apple logo, the circles signify a Bokeh design, in other words an out of focus photography style. The Bokeh style could point towards an enhanced camera system with more DSLR style features for the iPhone camera.

Taking the colored circles as a whole, they’re reminiscent of the light style when water drops are on a camera lens. This could add credence to the idea that the iPhone 7 will be water resistant. One odd aspect of the invite is that there’s a dark grey circle in the upper right corner that is broken away from the Apple logo design. This particular colored circle could correspond to the Home button. The iPhone 7 home button is said to be pressure sensitive, rather than an actual clickable piece to help with the water resistance. The home button could offer more taptic feedback in addition to the current Touch ID capabilities.

In the end, the invite likely only says the event is on September 7th, but it’s always fun to speculate and over analyze anything from Apple.



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